Project of an international school with the concept of conserving nature

By: Author April 29, 2015, 05:00

Solidarity Movement of India started in 1987. It had undertaken a lot of projects for the social and economic development and empowerment of the needy people. Ten thousands of beneficiaries and millions of social wealth creation are the concrete and apparent results of this organization’s efforts over three decades. However every person as well as social groups has its dream projects, Magnum opus. Solidarity Movement of India has such one to realise which will be one that pioneering and will have long lasting effect in the society. It is an international school and education centre with the theme of conservation of nature and life. The conservation of nature and life has a broad meaning and scope here. It includes all the wealth of nature and the physical and mental properties of individuals and societies known and unknown to the rest of the world.

Actually it is a lesson to be practised

Nature is being exhausted. A number of animals and plants had vanished from the stage of life on this wonderful earth. Many are at the verge of that fate. All these are happening in the precincts of someone else. But they are witnessing not interfering. Most of the people are behaving with the species which are spending their last movements of their existence. In most cases this truth is not known to the people. In the case of known persons, they are not prepared or trained to conserve it. This is the common situation every where in the world. Conservation should be added with formal education and schooling. Now it is only one topic among the lessons to be learned. Actually it is a lesson to be practised. The school or education centre itself should be changed as a conservation unit. The proposed international school is meant for that.

Project of an international school with the concept of conserving nature

Solidarity Movement of India is functioning from the foothills of Western Ghats which is world’s major hot spot of bio diversity as well as the endangered species of plants and animals in land and water. The organisation thinks seriously to prepare the people to conserve it. But more important is making a conserving generation. The concept of making a conserving generation is new and its practice will be a pioneering venture. The proposed International school and education centre is assumed a model for that transition or transformation of present schools in the world in the near future. The school is functioning based on the usual syllabus and curriculum existing system. But it arranges all endangered species of that region in the campus to learn and love them. It is a learning centre and demonstration site for general public as well as students of other places and countries.

The endangered nature is one aspect of conservation. The scope of conservation is wide. Different societies on earth produced valuable answers to various problems faced by them. They had wonderful dreams about their life- contemporary and future. Some of them may be relevant to the entire humanity. The relevant aspect may be an idea, practice, observance, ritual, a habit, hobby, or even the knowledge of herbal usage. There may be new thoughts and new knowledge from experiences. They may be from a desolate tribal hamlet, a subaltern arena or the new urban experience. But they are alien to the whole humanity being they are less examined, or unfamiliar to the rest of the world. They are the mental properties of different societies. Such aspects from human life on earth should be conserved. The international school and education centre will be a displaying place of them. It may be a digital store or a live presentation centre. Thus conservation of nature and life is attached with formal schooling. It is a change of education and future course of world. The proposed school is a model for international society.