Solidarity Movement of India was started as a secular, non-profit making voluntary social welfare organisation engaged in community development activities in Idukki District of Kerala State. This organisation was started in 1984 and formally got registered in 1987. The basic motivation to form this organisation was one professional social worker who had worked in Idukki-Kanjikuzhi during the period of 1980-85. He discussed the idea to form a voluntary agency for community development with a few young committed social activists of Idukki district. As the result of that discussion they decided to form a voluntary agency irrespective of caste, creed, religion, etc. Though the organisation was formed in 1984, it was only registered in 1987. Since then the organisation; Solidarity Movement of India has been implementing various programmes successfully in the remote villages of Idukki District. The major programmes of the solidarity movement of India are formations of community organisations, Health educations, Agricultural promotion activities, Environmental Awareness Generation Activities, Women and Child Development Programmes, Employment generation, Economic Activities for women and youths etc.

The Solidarity Movement of India has been functioning in a democratic manner from its inception. The general body of the society is the decision making body of the organization and the seven member elected executive committee is controlling the organization’s activities.

The ‘Solidarity’ strongly believes and works with the faith that development can only come from “within” and the outsiders can help us but the insiders must do the job. We believe in total ‘development of a total man and Solidarity’. We believe in integrated approach to development with all means of man and material to develop human and material resources for their own effort and decision-making.